400 and vacation

2 Jun

It is JUNE! Holy cow! I cant believe that the time seems to have flown by and crawled at the same time. My daughters first year of school is almost over and I am very glad to have a brake from all the drama and getting up before dawn for a non morning person this has been tough. It will be nice to have a chance to sleep in at least for a little while before it starts again. For now I will enjoy the time.

On a bit of a sad note my sister in law has now moved to Texas (yes where they are flooding and getting more rain than they can handle). While I am extremely proud of her for this decision to continue her education she will be missed by her family.

A few links to pass on to folks in regards to the 400 here is the link http://www.ecosalon.com/the-last-time-carbon-dioxide-were-this-high-humans-hadnt-evolved

This one is for all of you coffee drinkers who actually think you are getting Venezuelan coffee http://www.ecosalon.com/venezuelan-coffee-basically-doesnt-exist-anymore

I am looking forward to our vacation. It will be fun and full of adventure. I am with the exception of going to a paid place trying for more free stuff. I enjoy not paying for entrance fees while on vacation. We will once again be couch surfing at my dads so that is not a problem plus we will be able to cook at his place instead of eating out so much. I hope to go shopping at a local co-op once we get there for supplies.

Ciao for now and will let you know more about our adventures once we get back for now enjoy the weeks and silence from this site.


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