Worn Soundtrack

28 May

Have you ever had a tape or even older school yet a record that you just played over and over again until it either squeaked or just kept getting stuck?
I have had that happen except since I was having a bad day yesterday this record was stuck to the “bad” and hurtful things we tell ourselves sometimes on a daily basis. Mine kept playing over the stuff my parents have told me that admittedly are not nice things to hear ever along with the lovely thing my husband told me a few short six months ago. I do not know why these things keep popping up when I am at my lowest to make me feel even worse and then the tears keep coming.
I am better now but, it always seems to take awhile for me to fully feel more like myself or maybe it is just from the lack of sleep.
Does anyone have any theories as to why these things pop up when we seem to be at our lowest in life? Or is it just one of those things?

On a more positive note our vacation is coming up soon and I for one am looking forward to just having a few things to carry around with us instead of all the stuff that we have at home. It will be nice to just have a break and see my dad and maybe a few relatives here and there. I know my daughter is getting excited as well of course that could be because school will be ending soon.


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