Busy day

21 May

Yesterday was a busy day for us. My daughter did not have school since it was a voting day. So instead we went to visit my mom since my daughter has not seen her since spring break. I also had to run an errand as well. It took a long time in the car and I was sick of being in the car.
We came back home and my daughter wanted to ride her bike so I let her do that then she wanted to play with some friends. I let her do that after she did her homework.
Then another friend of hers invited her to go swimming for about an hour so I took her over to her friends. Since she has not been in the pool very much she was freaking out a bit so I asked her if she would feel better if I joined her in the pool she said yes so I put on a swimsuit. I have not worn one in years and got into the rather chilly water. It was not too bad once you moved around. Then we came back home and had dinner. I was hungry but, could not decide what I wanted to eat. So I ended up with a bowl of noodles with some garlic and olive oil on them. Vegan and keeps vampires and your husband away bonus lol.
Our daughter had left over nachos there was enough for one.

Today I have yoga class free at the library and I will return a movie I have had on my Amazon wish list that I got to watch for free without having to buy it. I love free things and also not buying more stuff/clutter. It is so much fun.

Still waiting on being able to sell the things I made at the farmers market. At least once my mother returns from vacation back to work she said she would sell some of my lotion bars. YEA! I have not been having much luck.

Since my daughter is back in school it is a bit more mellow day. I get to watch the chipmunk freak out and forage in the yard since my husband mowed it last night. I am also getting a load of laundry done and am able to hang it up outside to dry. Even better. I also got my chores done and went for a walk this morning.

Do you love free or at least frugal things? What do you like best? Saving money? Doing something you normally wouldnt do? Let me know.


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