19 May

School is winding down here and there is that to keep me busy along with wracking my brain on how to keep a now six year old entertained for the rest of the summer. Camps are an option but expensive. My mom was willing to pay for swimming lessons but, the problem is that the session that she needs to be in will be happening while we are on vacation so that is pretty much not an option. It stinks. She is also really needing to learn how to swim. I hope that I can teach her myself at the local (expensive) aquatic center. Since we do not have a membership it is rather expensive to get into the center per day so we will see what we can do.

One of my cats has been doing a Houdini act and disappearing somewhere in the house. Thankfully today my husband discovered her hiding place. I can never seem to find her and she never responds to “Here kitty, kitty” or her name. It can be very frustrating and annoying for me. She has decided that hiding on the bottom book shelf is the place to go. So now at least I know where to look for her.

Our vacation is coming up and I am looking forward to being a tourist, relaxing, spending quality time with my dad and daughter, and just having fun with no schedule or really set agenda of things to do. It will be nice.

I am still without my own computer but, that is fine for now. I may get tired of using my husbands machine but, for now I will continue to use his computer. It is free and heck if it breaks or something else happens it will not be my fault.

I do have a good book recommendation the title is “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande. It is a good book to read for yourself or if you have aging parents and you need to start or have those difficult conversations with them. It has a few good questions to ask and might just help. I encourage folks to use their local library for all books but, failing that then book stores, online book sellers, ebooks, or other places to get books work. I just try to be as cheap and frugal as possible.

I also hope that all mothers out there had a great mothers day I know I am very late on this but, a lot has been going on.


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