Trucking along

23 Apr

Still borrowing/using my husbands computer. I still have no computer of my own per se but, hope to change that sometime in June.

Yesterday my husband was mowing our lawn. It was a bit high and thick the grass. He notices something jump and thinks it is a frog in our yard. So he keeps going and then it jumps again this time he notices that it is a bit more fluffy and fuzzy than a frog. It was a young rabbit that decided to squeeze itself into a very tiny space in between our front steps. He then wakes me up saying that it is rather cold outside and that the rabbits ears are cold. I told him to leave it alone that mom would be back for it. A lot of wild animals do not need our “help” instead they just need some time to relax and stay under cover. They might only need our help if injured. Our little friend went on his merry way sometime last night. No worries. Our little friend was just hanging out I think and believe until mom got back to let him/her know it was ok to move, go home or go to this great place that has a great salad bar lol. I was shocked since my husband is allergic to rabbits and he was being really sweet and nice. I am still trying to figure out who this person is. He has not been a huge fan of Noel but, has lived/dealt with it for me and our daughter.

I finally so far finished making the stuff for my business. I made the lotion bars. They smell great and absorb into your skin really well. I also made the chocolate lip balm. This is the BEST lip balm that I have ever used. I know I might seem slightly prejudice since I did make this but, I have tried a lot of lip balms out there and this is the best one. I love how my lips feel. I hope to post pictures at some point of my different products. Next on the list is some regular soap and then if I can some baby soap/shampoo for kids/babies if I get enough people wanting it.

I took a picture of my two cats in close proximity to each other. It was surprising since usually when they are close to each other there is usually chasing and hissing.

I read the book The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. I love and have been deciding on what I love and want to keep in my life. Life is too short to keep things you do not love in your life. I have managed to get rid of at least one box of stuff with more to go along with a lot of clothes mainly of my daughters and a few things from my husband. I have been tidying off and on for awhile so we will see what happens and how much more I get rid of.

Have a good week.


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