Alas my poor computer

14 Apr

My computer hard drive decided that it was time to say good bye so I no longer have a computer that is “mine” to use. I am currently using my husbands chrome book. I hate it because I do not like people knowing what sites I choose to visit or not.

Plus last week my daughter came down with bronchitis and two ear infections. Poor kid. Then my allergies decided to go haywire and I started coughing (thinking it was part of my allergies) I have bronchitis as well. I am feeling much better and not coughing so much that I either feel like I will be puking my guts out or donating a lung to science. I was coughing so hard. It really stank. I was also running a rather high fever so knew I was in trouble.

I had taken pictures of my beautiful tulips with my phone but, since my computer decided to die I have no real way of posting my pictures. Sorry folks that will have to wait for a bit.


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