Spring has finally sprung

8 Apr

Spring is here. Yeah and boo. Yeah because that means warmer days without having to wear a parka out or having anymore snow. Boo because I am currently sick. I have the worst allergies and sinus infection going on. So I have been coughing up yuck and blowing my nose constantly it seems. I had to cancel my dental appointment so not sure when I will be rescheduling that since I am so miserable and running a fever.

Last week my daughter was on spring break and was ill the whole time poor kid. Her birthday was also during this time. She had a not so great birthday due to being ill. She did get a lot of cool stuff from the grandparents. More clothes than I know what to do with. She also got a couple of Monster High dolls and then I took her to Kmart to choose a doll that she wanted and we found a Monster High backpack/purse for her as well. She also got a few other things from us as well.

Of course my car decides to be an issue for me as well last week. I got stuck with getting the Serpentine belt changed and of course my husband does not tell me that there are two. I also had to wait an extra day for parts to come in. Then while getting the belts changed one of the belts is old so that has to be swapped out. GRRRRRR all while my daughter is not feeling great.

Thursday while we are having more rain than strictly necessary we normally for the whole month of April get a little over 3 inches we got over 5 inches in two days. I wanted the car Thursday to run errands and just goof off with our daughter. After dropping my husband off for work the car makes a clunk sound and being surrounded by other cars I was not sure if it was ours or not then it starts to smoke a lot(thankfully it was raining). So I call my husband to see what he wants me to do he says to take it to a repair shop that I was not too far from. It turns out that the coolant cap had come undone on the car somehow. More time waiting in a repair shop and being bored out of our minds. Of course I call my mom who is most annoyed that we are getting together Thursday instead of Friday since it interrupts her schedule. Oh well, what can I do?

Hope your week is full of less drama.


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