25 Mar

Yesterday I actually had the car so had to drive into the next town to go to the Goodwill (not to buy) but, to get rid of some clothing that gasp my husband (who never seems to get rid of anything) put in the box along with some of my daughters clothes that she has out grown. I also got rid of a few pictures that I have had up on my walls ages ago but, have not put up for almost 10 years so it was time to say good bye to them.
On my way back home I was driving along and saw two doe’s running across the road acting like they were being chased by something big and scary. I immediately back off my accelerator and started to hit the brakes a bit. The black car in front of me and a bit down the road does not even bother to slow down. I really thought that they were going to hit one of the poor doe’s and in fact they did or maybe she just hit there car with her head. She was slightly dazed but, able to run off. As I got closer to where they crossed the road I did slow down to make sure nothing else was coming down from this hill. The crazy thing about this whole incident is that it was the middle of the day. I am not used to seeing deer until either around sunset or if I happen to be up around sunrise.
We got a letter recently from ABCBS stating that they believe that our daughters information has been compromised. So fun. I did immediately sign her up for the id protection service for two years that ABCBS will be paying for and personally they should. I did try to go to the big threes websites to put a freeze and see about a fraud alert. This was pretty much a waste of time since my daughter is a minor I have to write a letter along with other documentation and send it in to them.
My daughter attended her second birthday party this past weekend. It was a pool party. She had a blast and I am really proud of her for getting back in the pool after she freaked out about being in the pool she does not know yet how to swim. We will be fixing that soon.
Been getting rid of more stuff. It has been liberating. I plan on having a certain box with DVDs that my husband said he wanted to go through but has yet to do of mine. I will do that next week when my daughter is off for spring break.


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