19 Mar

Yesterday was another LONG day with my daughter. She has been crying at every little thing especially if she does not get her way, I say no, or something else catastrophic happens. I was so exhausted from everything that I forgot it was St. Patty’s day and did not have my Irish brew to celebrate.

We have once again been going through the drama of trying to get her up in the mornings even though she is going to bed at a good time. Arrrggggghhhh.

Today I made my first batch of shampoo soap. I even had a bit left over that did not fit in the mold so I will now have a bit extra for free samples, give to friends and family or just use for myself. I did spill the essential oil on the counter…no worries I did clean up all my mess and even used vinegar to get rid of the smell. I forgot oops that I had put the soap in the basement to cure and so every time I open the door I smell the soap. I really thought I was going crazy there for a bit. Remember first batch of soap so really new to this smell of soap curing. I will post pictures of the soap once it is done curing. Not saying my soap smells bad it smells like almonds, just think almond cookies or an almond scone baking and you will understand the smell. It is very pleasant.

It has been so warm and sunny lately that it has been hard for me to actually sit inside and deal with email or my blog. Guess I have spring fever or something.


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