Weekend and other bits

10 Mar

Our weekend was quiet with improving weather and snow melting again.
We had our daughter with us for the weekend which was nice and a bit annoying since she cannot stop watching Star Wars Clone Wars. She absolutely loves it. We did play more Zombie Dice with the two expansions she got as a holiday gift.

I finally got to talk to a friend. I had called her twice before but, she was usually with family. I have bad timing so we actually got to talk this time. It was nice playing catch up.

I also cleared out a lot of mental clutter. I took all my previous hurts and anger toward various people and either did a person at a time or sometimes all together and I imagined putting the pieces of a mirror together and then I smashed those pieces with a very large hammer and then breathing out those pieces. It has helped a lot and I now feel lighter and freer. Or you can do whatever works for you. It is a good visualization exercise and a great way to get rid of a lot of junk. Think of it as spring cleaning for the soul.

During our extra bout of snow I made more brownies and another apple coffee cake.

This time I added left over vegan aka Dandies marshmallows and sort of made up the recipe.

I am almost ready to start crafting the things for my business. I just placed an order for a few more supplies and am hoping to get started by the end of this month. Hope it all goes well. Plus since my daughters spring break is coming up soon I am hoping to at least make something one day for 3 days out of her spring break (I have three different products I want to make) and spend the rest of the time doing fun stuff like taking her to the park, going to a movie (if I can find anything good on for her besides the sponge bob movie), and maybe visiting grandma too. I refuse to drag her in to spring cleaning our house while it is nice and sunny outside. I remember spending spring breaks stuck inside cleaning with my mom while it was nice outside and I really wanted to be outside. I refuse to be that kind of mom.


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