Still snow

3 Mar

There is still snow on the ground after all this time but, the good news is that it is doing the great slow melt.
Spring is on its way. The birds are a bit more chatty and tweeting. I even got to see our resident chipmunk. The poor little thing was pretty skinny and I was a bit surprised to see him/her up and about. I figured he/she would still be hibernating. This little creature was up and about. I assume searching for food. I was kind enough and put a lot of sunflower seeds out for our little friend. It is so cute it has a bit of red to its fur especially along its back haunches.

I have been such a clutz lately yesterday I managed to step on my cats back toes with shoes on and she shrieked in pain. Cant say as I blame her. Today I managed to cut my other cats claw a bit too close so made her bleed. I just hope that when it comes time for me to clip Noels claws I dont do the same to her.

It has been Blood Orange season or at least they are available in our local co-op so I have been stocking up. I hardly ever eat oranges or drink oj but, these combine orange with raspberry in taste. They are the Best in my opinion.

Just an FYI for folks. Hipsters for sisters has a new product out with the feel of suede so soft, fringe, and lots of room. It is stylish, roomy and no animals were harmed. Plus the strap is long enough to actually be used as a purse over the shoulder, or as a belt. The mulberry is a great deep red or wine red. If you want something stylish, animal friendly, and perfect for spring this is a great little bag to have and stuff everything and maybe more that you need.
Go to I am getting nothing for my mentioning of this product or any other products you might be interested in. Plus they have GREAT customer service. If you have a problem they will fix or send you a new one at no extra cost to you.


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