24 Feb

I came really close to doing a “Heres Johnny”. I had not been out of the house because of the weather and my daughter being sick.

So yesterday was the day that I actually left the HOUSE. WAHOO. We went out to lunch, then off to a big box store, and then off to a bookstore where I got a used CD and a book on knitting projects based on how many beers it is safe to drink and still be able to knit the project. So fun! Plus there are a lot of good projects that I can’t wait to get started on. There is a scarf with mittens attached that I want to knit for my daughter. This way she has a way to keep her neck warm and have mittens so cool. Then off to a local coffee shop for more beans for coffee in the am along with running into a friend we have not seen in awhile. I also got coffee to go for me. Hehehe.
Then off to the one store we usually shop at to get a few things we needed and of course my husband decided to get more than enough stuff. ARGH! Ah well. Plus I got to talk with a friend who works there. So I got to be chatty and happy. I gotta say that actually getting out of the house is a great mood booster.

This weekend while it was so bitterly cold aka weather trying to kill us. It was -14 if not colder. So I took my own advice and made a few things with the help of my best and greatest helper.

The first is ginger brownies made from 1000 Vegan Recipes and the other is an apple coffee cake from the same cookbook. Both are low in sugar. The brownies I “goofed” on and used “light brown sugar” instead of regular sugar. So they are not very sweet which I personally love. The Apple coffee cake is sugar free and you get the sweetness from the apple. Enjoy.


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