20 Feb

It is bitterly cold and with the snow on the ground and with the possibility of an ice storm on the way for the weekend. Well its enough to drive anyone to say “Heres Johnny” and “Red room”.

Before it gets to that point in the Shining take it from a semi expert who is normally stuck in the house or at least has been stuck in the house since October. Minus weekends and maybe a few days here and there.

So in order to not go crazy you have to think creatively.
Here are a few ideas in no particular order.

Catch up on your que in Netflix. If you have power.

Bake something yummy like cookies, cakes, pies bonus it should hopefully warm up your house and it makes it smell great.

Start a new/old hobby.

Make something crafty. Or learn a craft.

Call a long lost/old friend you have not talked to in forever.

Watch a movie either on Netflix or a gasp DVD or even go old school and watch it on a tape. Gasp.

If you have kids it is a bit more of a challenge to find ways to keep them entertained.

A few ideas are have them play hopscotch inside use paper to make your “board” or cut it into fun shapes.

Have them do some or all of the above. If they are little have them help you in anyway they can.

Help them build a “fort” using blankets and maybe a small table.

Kids can usually find a way to keep themselves entertained.
If they do however come to you stating they are bored. DO
NOT panic. It is good for them to be bored it helps them to be creative and might help you to be creative in finding ways to keep yourself and them busy.

Take care and stay warm.
Remember to keep your pets inside and if not possible make sure they have a warm place to stay and plenty of water (water will freeze very fast in extremely cold temperatures) and extra food as well. They will burn the calories/food fast to stay and keep warm.

If you can be kind to the critters outside as well birdseed etc. They are fighting the elements without a warm place to go as well so just keep it in mind.


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