Obama “care” lovein/hatin it

13 Feb

My daughter has recently had the plague ok maybe not that bad but, it has been bad enough for all of us.  As most parents know that if your child is sick then getting any rest is for the most part right out the window.

My poor daughter had the runs and vomiting.  So not fun Monday night along with a rather high fever.  Since her school will not let her back in school until the fever is down and all the other ick is over which is fine.

So yesterday we decide to take her to the doctors to find out exactly what is going on.  Does she have the flu or not.  Well she was tested for both strep (this is going on as well) and for flu.  She came back positive for strep. Fine our Dr. wants to call in a prescription for her but, she never tells us what it is she just basically disappears.

We get to where we have the prescription called in well they dont have it.  So then they call it in to another pharmacy that actually has it.  We get there and get this our lovely Obama care insurance DOESNT even cover it and it is $275 out of pocket!  OMG I am absolutely stunned and ask if they have a “generic” well yes they do but, we need our Dr. to allow it and of course it is after 5 pm our time. So we are out of luck or pay the outrageous $275.  I did ask if it contained gold. Yup, for that price it better have a precious metal in it.  This is after having other people around me pay $4-10 for their prescriptions.  So not fair or right.

So we decide to go home and wait until Thursday to call our Dr. to see if we cant find something else.  Good news we got what my daughter needs for $10 and our lovely insurance actually paid for most of it.  I was thrilled and so much better than the sticker shock of $275.

Now I understand why most people go to Canada and I told my husband that if we lived closer and I knew of a pharmacy there we would be so on that.  Now I just want to go live in Europe where yes taxes are higher, happiness is higher, quality of life is higher/better but, truthfully I seriously would not mind.   I also told my husband no wonder some folks will travel to Europe and get their check ups and other health stuff done and then come back to the US to live.  I am almost ready to do that too.


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