Friday or living in a museum

10 Feb

A bit of back ground about my childhood. See my mom had a lot of stuff that was and still is priceless, a lot of stuff she paid good money for at the time, a lot of antiques and a lot of art.  So now you understand maybe that I lived in a museum….if I were to accidentally break something I would have been grounded within an inch of my life, never mind the name calling by my mom that would have insued.

Fast forward to present time.  I am a mom and my daughter yells at me from the living room.  I cant hear a thing because I have a noisy space heater running and I am doing dishes. She tells me that something fell I ask her to bring it to me.  She carries in her hand my favorite snow globe with a nice neat hole in the glass.  She is carrying it so carefully so as not to spill more water and glitter out of it. I ask her what happened and she explains and I say she should have not been messing with the stuff on the mantle and then i say you broke my favorite snow globe and proceed to make the angry mom face.  My daughter is already crying by this point but, she cries harder and says she is a bad girl. Lightening quick I remember how I felt living in my moms house with all her most precious and prized possessions and how I would have felt if my mom started to yell at me if I broke anything.  I then and there decided I did not want our daughter to feel the same way and also decided that yelling or being mad and upset would not change the situation.   So I kneel down to her level and told her two things.

1.  Its ok. I am not mad at you.

2.  Are you ok?

She tells me yes and is greatly impressed that I am so calm.  I also tell her that she is the most important thing/person in my life.  I also told her that she did me a favor I now no longer have to pack it.  Job done.

This is what simplifying my life has done for me.  It has allowed me to see what is truly important especially when you child breaks your most favorite/prized possession.

So the next time your child, niece or nephew breaks something you consider important.  Just remember they already feel bad that they broke it.  It was an accident and yelling or getting upset will not accomplish much except for making the child and you feel worse.  Just something to think about.


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