30 Jan

Once again this is just a suggestion.  I made stew with using Seitan (pronounced satan) yup you might even argue that I am eating evil lol.  I also added a couple of carrots, celery, and three red sweet potatoes all organic. I used veggie broth, and added salt, pepper, thyme, garlic and whatever other spices I thought might work for it.

Once again I spent yesterday sneezing my poor head off and am feeling a bit lousy today. So am doing my best to kick it out of my system again.  Not sure if this is a cold or sinus infection.  I am using a herb, emergen C, and hot and spicy foods to get it out ASAP. It seems to be helping a bit.

I personally am impressed with how much mucus  and junk I am getting out of me.  It is rather disgusting.  Ok maybe not rather but, just disgusting.

Stay well no matter where you are and I hope the folks on the far east coast of the US are staying warm, have plenty of food and are slowly digging themselves out.


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