The holidays

6 Jan

The holidays are now officially over WHEW! I am glad that they are.  It was not that they were necessarily bad but, just busy.

I caught a cold but, consider it part of my detox.  I recently started oil pulling again.  I had tried it earlier but, just couldnt handle it.  So decided to give it another try and even bought a book on it.  It is “Oil Pulling Therapy” by Dr. Bruce Fife it is a short read only 7 chapters and roughly 190 pages or so.

My daughter got a TON of stuff mainly from my in laws.  I am sort of ok with this.  I did tell her that next year she would only be getting a few things from me.  Mainly something she wants, something she needs, an experience gift  for the whole family (seeing a movie, going to a museum etc. whatever she wants it to be) and of course $  for college.  She is perfectly fine with this plan.  I told her the grandparents can go crazy.

I got a few lovely gifts as well.  My husband gave me a great sock book where you can flip and make your own.  I also got some really soft and very warm sleep pants, some body scrubs, a lotion bar that has glitter in it (so fun), a Japanese plate with 2 white rabbits and a partial moon, gift cards to where we go grocery shopping (they did not last long), and another gift card from my in laws.    My daughter gave me a very pretty ornament that we put on our tree.   My mom paid for our windshield to be fixed on the car and I got a gift card for coffee from a coffee shop also from her.

Most of my gifts were very thoughtful, nice, needed, and most are not clutter.

My daughter got a Nintendo DS, a 2DS, Wii with a few games, Dolphin Tail  and Dolphin Tail 2, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Clothes, A giant stuffed lizard and Hello Kitty, a smaller stuffed Hello Kitty, 4 books, a computer programming game for kids Turtle something, a tea set, nail polish,  expansions for Zombie Dice, and I think that is it.

I hope everyones holiday was good and nice.


New Years we spent at the in laws.  I was very happy it was the start to a new month and new year after December being so rough.  I was also hung over as well the following day.  Ah well.


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