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30 Jan

Once again this is just a suggestion.  I made stew with using Seitan (pronounced satan) yup you might even argue that I am eating evil lol.  I also added a couple of carrots, celery, and three red sweet potatoes all organic. I used veggie broth, and added salt, pepper, thyme, garlic and whatever other spices I thought might work for it.

Once again I spent yesterday sneezing my poor head off and am feeling a bit lousy today. So am doing my best to kick it out of my system again.  Not sure if this is a cold or sinus infection.  I am using a herb, emergen C, and hot and spicy foods to get it out ASAP. It seems to be helping a bit.

I personally am impressed with how much mucus  and junk I am getting out of me.  It is rather disgusting.  Ok maybe not rather but, just disgusting.

Stay well no matter where you are and I hope the folks on the far east coast of the US are staying warm, have plenty of food and are slowly digging themselves out.

AAAAAH its snowing

24 Jan

Yup it really is snowing.  This system started on the west coast ok more like Colorado area and is now heading east.

I have been watching a few documentaries on Netflex.  Please watch “Dirty Wars” and “Terms and Conditions may Apply”  they are both worth the time to watch them.  Dirty Wars is not for young children so please watch this when the kids are asleep if you have any.

Terms and Conditions really makes be very glad that I have not allowed facebook and twitter links for this blog.  That is not going to happen unless laws and those terms and conditions change (which probably wont happen anytime soon).

Plus a few links courtesy of Becoming Minimalist that I recommend folks read as well in no particular order.


Have a good weekend.


21 Jan

Well I have had a bit of time off and am feeling a bit better.

I got rid of about 4 boxes worth of stuff a few things I sold mainly books.  I got rid of some unwanted items either to the trash or even the recycling.

So as for the direction of this post there will be a few additions of some maybe new or old ideas for vegan eating.  There may not necessarily be recipes but, maybe just ideas….for starters we have been eating a lot of bean dishes (not necessarily a bad thing).  Last week was chile with 4 beans chickpeas, black beans, red kidney beans, and pinto, with tomato sauce (my mother in laws from last years fresh tomatoes), some chile powder, garlic and whatever other spices that I thought would work for the chile.  We are currently having again a four bean soup with the same beans mentioned above, veggie broth, red sweet potatoes, and kale again add whatever spices you have on hand even if it is just pepper and salt.

I am also contemplating starting my own business.  I am really interested in something flexible, that lets me work whatever hours I want to, when I want to.  Something creative. I might even decide to recreate a line from Fightclub (as most of you know my all time favorite movie) by selling and making SOAP even if it does not end up being very profitable.  It will be a useful skill nevertheless.  I had a lot of fun with my soap making class and I may not become rich but, it still seems like a lot of fun.  Plus I can do a lot of types of soap for most people.    It is just a thought so far but, I might just go for it.  I just need a bit of time to make it because I will probably sell the soap at the farmers market.

I will still share a bit about my life as usual, along with some things about my beloved Noel.

So this is it in a nutshell so to speak.


14 Jan

I have been purging a lot of things in my life and now I need a bit of space.  I need the space to really think about a lot of things.  From relationships to stuff and get rid of what is no longer working for me or making me happy.

As for friendships that is the hardest one of all to purge and jettison.  Some friends have known me a long time like since grade school and I have been trying to reconnect with them since I left  and moved more than 10 + years but, I have slowly realized that sometimes keeping up with your friends who no longer feel the need to return phone calls, emails or texts even the ones where you really need a friend at the time. HURTS sometimes more than you think.  Even when you have to text back that you will catch up with them or have them call you the next day and they dont communicate with you really is a let down.

Some friends were not really friends but, a friend of a friend.   Those were a bit easier to let go of.  A lot of time it is simply that folks no longer have the time anymore for friendships and instead are too busy with work or other obligations.  I do get that and a part of me does understand that but, it still does not help in the end of letting go.

I will also be doing some soul searching regarding my marriage (we have been through a bit of a rough patch) and I need to decide what is best for me.  I realize that this may sound selfish but, after one failed marriage I really do not want to be miserable again or even risk becoming miserable.  You might wonder where our daughter fits into all of this. Would she be better off in a single parent home or with both.  I will make the best decision I can for her sake.

Plus I need to decide on this blog as well.  I need to make sure it is still making me happy.

I think that with great power comes great responsibility and purging/simplifying comes even more responsibility and simplifying.

Sorry SpiderMan fans I did butcher that quote.

I promise to post again soon maybe next week and at least let you know if veganbunnies will still be up and going.


Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Holiday baking

9 Jan

20141223_16371620141223_163800Just wanted to share with folks the cookies that my daughter helped me make.  These are Chai  Spiced cookies and are the BEST if you like Chai tea.  They are the ones with the shapes.   .


The others I made were Chocolate Chips because I was craving them and heck most folks like them .  They also just look like lumps too lol.

For the most part the holiday was spent sleeping in (very nice when you have to get up before dawn), just relaxing and spending time with my daughter.

The holidays

6 Jan

The holidays are now officially over WHEW! I am glad that they are.  It was not that they were necessarily bad but, just busy.

I caught a cold but, consider it part of my detox.  I recently started oil pulling again.  I had tried it earlier but, just couldnt handle it.  So decided to give it another try and even bought a book on it.  It is “Oil Pulling Therapy” by Dr. Bruce Fife it is a short read only 7 chapters and roughly 190 pages or so.

My daughter got a TON of stuff mainly from my in laws.  I am sort of ok with this.  I did tell her that next year she would only be getting a few things from me.  Mainly something she wants, something she needs, an experience gift  for the whole family (seeing a movie, going to a museum etc. whatever she wants it to be) and of course $  for college.  She is perfectly fine with this plan.  I told her the grandparents can go crazy.

I got a few lovely gifts as well.  My husband gave me a great sock book where you can flip and make your own.  I also got some really soft and very warm sleep pants, some body scrubs, a lotion bar that has glitter in it (so fun), a Japanese plate with 2 white rabbits and a partial moon, gift cards to where we go grocery shopping (they did not last long), and another gift card from my in laws.    My daughter gave me a very pretty ornament that we put on our tree.   My mom paid for our windshield to be fixed on the car and I got a gift card for coffee from a coffee shop also from her.

Most of my gifts were very thoughtful, nice, needed, and most are not clutter.

My daughter got a Nintendo DS, a 2DS, Wii with a few games, Dolphin Tail  and Dolphin Tail 2, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Clothes, A giant stuffed lizard and Hello Kitty, a smaller stuffed Hello Kitty, 4 books, a computer programming game for kids Turtle something, a tea set, nail polish,  expansions for Zombie Dice, and I think that is it.

I hope everyones holiday was good and nice.


New Years we spent at the in laws.  I was very happy it was the start to a new month and new year after December being so rough.  I was also hung over as well the following day.  Ah well.