17 Dec

Yesterday I had the privilage of seeing my daughter perform in front of family.  She did such a great job with her fellow classmates.

While she was performing with her classmates I was recording and taking pictures in between sets.

Unfortunately while I was recording I had a “woman” behind me deciding that talking on her cell phone the ENTIRE time my daughter was performing and I was video taping it.  I was really getting annoyed by this and turned around to give her the look.  When that failed to shut her up I then told my husband between sets that it would be nice if certain people would get off of their phones and stop talking.  Still no luck.

She then had the nerve to try and get my sister in law to photo little suzy or timmy for her and gave a sob story (which might have been true) of how dad was in jail.  Needless to say my sister in law did not reward such bad behavior.

Today I emailed my daughters teacher to ask her to remind people during school events .to please not talk on the phone and to silence their cell phones.  You would think that people would be polite and not do this.

I forget that most people have to be on their cell phones no matter what.  I personally hate it.  I never answer my cell phone during meals with my family in public or private and always turn my ringer off during movies or plays.  Really people have to be reminded ALL the time to do this is really sad.


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