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Happy Holidays!

24 Dec

Happy Holidays!

Have a great New Year too!

I will be back after the New Year with posts and other goodies that happened while I was gone.  Right now since this has been a pretty bad month for me and I for one will be very happy when it is gone.  I have decided I need a break and since my daughter is home from school for a couple of weeks I have my excuse.

Until next year!


More reasons to be proud

19 Dec

My daughter has decided to voluntarily get rid of two of her toys today!  I am so proud of her.

I am not sure if it is because her dad has finally decided to let some things go or if it is because she has been watching me let some things go.  Either way I am still proud.  I did ask her if she was sure and if it was because of her dad and I getting rid of some things.

It is a start and while two toys might not seem like such a big deal it is significant.

Today while once again pouring my heart and soul out to a friend I did learn that she has been having almost the same issue that I have been having.  It totally sucks but, we did tell each other that we could call anytime.  I did tell her that I normally turn my phone off but, that I would get back to her asap.   Maybe we need to run away to Bora Bora for a little while.  Heck at this point I am all for a vacation somewhere warm or just a vacation.


17 Dec

Yesterday I had the privilage of seeing my daughter perform in front of family.  She did such a great job with her fellow classmates.

While she was performing with her classmates I was recording and taking pictures in between sets.

Unfortunately while I was recording I had a “woman” behind me deciding that talking on her cell phone the ENTIRE time my daughter was performing and I was video taping it.  I was really getting annoyed by this and turned around to give her the look.  When that failed to shut her up I then told my husband between sets that it would be nice if certain people would get off of their phones and stop talking.  Still no luck.

She then had the nerve to try and get my sister in law to photo little suzy or timmy for her and gave a sob story (which might have been true) of how dad was in jail.  Needless to say my sister in law did not reward such bad behavior.

Today I emailed my daughters teacher to ask her to remind people during school events .to please not talk on the phone and to silence their cell phones.  You would think that people would be polite and not do this.

I forget that most people have to be on their cell phones no matter what.  I personally hate it.  I never answer my cell phone during meals with my family in public or private and always turn my ringer off during movies or plays.  Really people have to be reminded ALL the time to do this is really sad.

Please silence your cellphones 2

17 Dec

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing my daughter and some of her fellow classmates perform for parents, grandparents and other relatives.  It was really sweet and she and her classmates did such a great job.

I was video taping the performance and taking a few pictures here and there with my phone and unfortunately I had a RUDE person behind me TALK THE WHOLE TIME my daughter was performing so now when I play back my video of my daughter I get to hear this “womans” “lovely” voice.  I was really annoyed and turned around to give her the look and even told my husband between sets how rude and inconsiderate it was.  Not really caring if she heard me or not.  She even had the huevos rancheros to ask my sister in law if she would take pictures of her little suzy or jimmy and gave a sob story which might be true or not that the kids dad was in jail.  Sorry by this time I could have cared less.

I emailed her teacher today about the issue of people not talking on their cell phones during school events.  You would think people would not do this to others.


12 Dec

20141210_104921Just wanted to share a recent photo of some cuteness of my beloved rabbit aka bunny Noel.

Plus I also wanted to add one last additional expense of needing new boots for winter because both pairs that I had in the way of boots decided that adding water to my feet and making me extremely cold was a great idea. They worked great if it was completely dry and just cold but, if you added any rain (even without splashing in puddles) my feet got wet.  Another $45  dollars.  Grrrr.  So glad I did my holiday shopping early otherwise there would be nothing left with all of this going on.

Unexpected expenses and other news

11 Dec

Some things have come up that I have just flat out needed.

For instance I spent a little over $100 for a new lightweight jacket that I could wear inside my house to help me stay warm before we got the new windows installed.

I needed new slippers since mine had holes.  Again needed something to help keep my feet warm.  I had also been needing some new ones since last year but, finally gave in and spent the money for new ones.  About $45 for them.

I also have had to recently get myself some new jeans.  I developed a hole in one pair that I am still currently wearing in the crotch area on the lower leg.  I thought I had an extra pair but, discovered that there were holes in the crotch area as well.  Now I only have my low rise jeans left and another pair.  I have yet to try on the low rise pair to see if they actually fit.  So I spent another $188 for two new pairs of jeans.

I also spent $950 for airline tickets to go see my dad this summer.  Since I booked early and with any luck my flight wont be cancelled or changed at the last minute.  Plus I wanted to go ahead and book for when my daughter is hopefully out of school.  If not, then I guess she will just miss a bit.

I have also managed to open mouth again and insert foot.  It has been bothering me for awhile now, see we still have so much stuff and no places to store it that I have decided to get rid of most of my stuff.  CDs and DVDs will be the first to go, then most of my books.  The reasons for doing this are because I am tired of people who come into my house asking if we are moving out or moving in, I have not used a lot of this stuff aka junk in 4+ years now, and I am really sick of having so much to pack up when we do move.  So this will with any luck alleviate most or some of this stress.  I also really thought long and hard about this and with the help of the Minimalists and their packing party.  It really helped to hit home what needs to change in my life and having less stuff to haul around and move is a good start.

I have also reassured my daughter that none of her stuff will be gotten rid of (at least for now).

My personal wishlist for the holidays

6 Dec

In no particular order:


More Chai Tea because it is my favorite and will not go to waste.

Alcohol even a gift box with the free glasses because honestly I break my glasses sometimes so having a couple of extras is great.

An hour long massage.

A facial.

Dark Chocolate.

And last but, not least money.

I hope this gives others some ideas about possible gift ideas plus as you will notice most of my gifts are consumables with a few experience gifts.  No clutter need apply for any or all of these gifts.

Stop the MADNESS!

4 Dec

Sorry had to quote Ms. Powers and probably date myself.

Here are a few links to hopefully help you with the Holiday madness in no particular order.

This week has been very stressful to say the least and I get it I really do.  You have stress because of the holiday shopping, work, cooking, and family.    You also have the joyous stress of idiot drivers and also the fight to get whatever you need gift wise for X (you fill in) on sale and someone just got the last one in the perfect size, color, whatever.

We need to take time to be kind to ourselves and others.  I understand the stress but, we also need to remember the spirit of the season as well and be kind to others who may just be as stressed or even more stressed as you. I am not saying to “take it” or be a pushover but, do your best to be kind to yourself and others this holiday.