7 Nov

A couple of days ago.  I took my daughter to see my mom.  We went out to lunch and then I left my daughter at my moms thankfully.

Then as I am driving I am noticing a bit of a hard time stopping my car.  So I pull over on a side road.   I try calling my husband to let him know that the brake light is on and I doubly make sure that the emergency brake is off.  Cant get in touch with him so I call my father in law he says to take it to a place that does brakes and that it should be ok to drive.  So I decide to forgo getting my errand done.  I thankfully went a back way with slower speeds.  I could barely stop after doing 35 mph.   Thankfully no one decided to pull out in front of me.  This was not a very smart plan.  I had to get the bakes fixed and a tie rod as well. It was not cheap but, we did get a bit of a break since a lot was under warranty.  It was a very scary moment for me and  I am very glad no one was injured or that my daughter was in the car.  It turns out that the brake fluid was completely gone since the master cylinder decided to give up.  I told my husband to remind me to never do that again and to have the darn car towed.   He was surprised that I did not have that done.

The reason why is because it seems that whenever the sh*@ hits the fan for me I can never get in touch with him.  I finally got in touch with him to let him know what was going on after they had already pulled the car back to take a look at it.  Lesson learned.

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