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Lets talk turkey

25 Nov

Or perhaps the lack thereof.

If you need suggestions or are new to the whole Vegan scene and the holidays are freaking you out never fear there are always options.

Try a tofurkey roast, or field roast.

You can always just have a squash stuffed with whatever you like.

You might get away with just having the sides but, be careful of butter, milk, eggs, and other hidden animal ingredients.   You can always ask or just prep your own.

For desert make whatever sounds good to you if pumpkin pie is your thing there are a lot of ideas online to make one vegan.  Of course you can always follow the “traditional” and just substitute out the eggs with either tofu, energy egg replacer, ground flax seeds etc.

Last is a link that I think everyone should watch it might not be the best for holiday cheer but, it is something to think about.   We need to make some serious changes in how we treat the other creatures we share this earth with. Going Vegan helps a lot but, all of us NEED and have to do MORE.

Illness, new windows, and a link

22 Nov

Well my daughter had to come home from school early since she caught a bad intestinal bug poor kid missed a few days of school.

We also got new windows in the house we are renting.   Wow what a difference not much air leaking, and it makes us warmer.  Yea!  No more having to wear a light jacket during the day to stay warm even after layering up and no more having to wear a hat to bed  to try and stay warm.

Here is a link for a free movie that is really great to watch.

Halloween is over, the votes are in, and now the stress begins

11 Nov

The holidays are almost here and that means STRESS for most people and the start of holiday shopping where most folks accumulate more than they may need or want.

Here are a few ideas to help you keep your sanity.

New American Dream has great ideas regarding the holidays at

A bit more extreme but, equally good ideas for the holidays is Adbusters and their campaign to buy nothing on black friday a few added links at the bottom for certificates to give to family and friends.

If you do need to buy gifts or just want to give gifts then a few suggestions are consumables like cookies, cakes, breads, etc.  You could also do a recipe in a jar and just give the “dry” ingredients.  Cook a meal for someone (it doesnt have to be fancy I promise).  If you are a “crafty” person you could make something for someone on your list from hand crafted items like a knitted hat, to soap, bath bombs,  or whatever strikes your fancy.  There are many links on the web for help.   You could also give experience gifts like movie tickets, museum memberships, concert tickets, or tickets to a play or whatever.  Last but, not least there is always hard core cash or even a gift certificate or card.

Remember it is the thought that counts and “Maybe Chirstmas doesnt come from a store”  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

This is a stressful time of year for everyone so please try to be kind to yourself and those around you (yes even the idiot that cut you off and flipped you the bird he/she maybe under even more stress than you are).


7 Nov

A couple of days ago.  I took my daughter to see my mom.  We went out to lunch and then I left my daughter at my moms thankfully.

Then as I am driving I am noticing a bit of a hard time stopping my car.  So I pull over on a side road.   I try calling my husband to let him know that the brake light is on and I doubly make sure that the emergency brake is off.  Cant get in touch with him so I call my father in law he says to take it to a place that does brakes and that it should be ok to drive.  So I decide to forgo getting my errand done.  I thankfully went a back way with slower speeds.  I could barely stop after doing 35 mph.   Thankfully no one decided to pull out in front of me.  This was not a very smart plan.  I had to get the bakes fixed and a tie rod as well. It was not cheap but, we did get a bit of a break since a lot was under warranty.  It was a very scary moment for me and  I am very glad no one was injured or that my daughter was in the car.  It turns out that the brake fluid was completely gone since the master cylinder decided to give up.  I told my husband to remind me to never do that again and to have the darn car towed.   He was surprised that I did not have that done.

The reason why is because it seems that whenever the sh*@ hits the fan for me I can never get in touch with him.  I finally got in touch with him to let him know what was going on after they had already pulled the car back to take a look at it.  Lesson learned.

Halloween and Vote

4 Nov

20141031_103323 This is me for Halloween I decided to dress as Charlie Chaplin.  Hope you like it.  Most of it I already had.  The tie and hat were recent purchases.  I had a blast channeling Mr. Chaplin.

I hope most folks in the US remembered to fall back one hour.  I personally forgot and am thankful that my daughter is off from school Monday and Tuesday.

Just wanted to remind folks to get out and vote.