dirt and company love

28 Oct

Well folks I finally got my bulbs planted for next year and it feels good to actually do something constructive and know that you will reap the rewards with pretty flowers next spring or fall.   Plus you cant go wrong with a little bit of playing in the dirt.   I also got this past weekend for $1 a beautiful pretty purple pansy.   I love pansys.  So I transplanted it out into the yard today in 80 degree weather weird and wacky that it is so warm.  Not to fear we will be dropping down again into the upper 50s if I recall correctly.

I also want to say that  I completely love Hipsters for Sisters.  I had ordered a different bag and the snap kept coming undone at the worst possible times.  I had, had the bag for awhile but, emailed them with the issue and they said to go ahead and send it back to be either fixed or replaced and I even got the cost of sending the bag back to them refunded to me.  I gotta say I love the customer service they put service back into a company.  They even fixed it on a Sunday a Sunday when most folks are finding much better things to do with their time.    I absolutely love, love this company for not only their quality products but, the service as well.


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