23 Sep

Well this weekend we spent a day with a friend of ours and her daughter in a little town not too far from us.  We hit the festival, let our girl play on the playground with other kids, and went to a local book store that was just delightful.   In this bookstore I found a great book titled Marshmellow you will probably find it in the kids section but, it was written down that “no home is complete with out a bunny.”  The illustrations are really great as well and the story is very heart warming.  It normally retails for about $7 I got it for a bit less but, in my honest opinion it is worth more.  The bunny reminds me of my own sweet Noel and I agree with the authors assessment that no home is indeed complete with out a bunny.

I also got one step closer to getting rid of the house warming present from hell.  My in laws finally agreed to donate the vehicle that is basically junk.  Yes, I feel bad about donating a worthless vehicle to a non profit organization but, I still want the darn thing gone and out of my life.  I hope it will be gone soon.  Everything is set except we just have to find the title which,  I do not have.

My husband got the paperwork done and completed to extend the contract on his old/current job.  He will be going back to work tomorrow after having about 3 weeks off. It was not a problem really him having this time off ok maybe except for him driving me crazy lol.


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