18 Sep

I have decided that my daughter will be a great actress especially in any and almost all female roles for Shakesperian tragedies. We seem to go through a lot of drama each morning so far with getting our daughter ready for school.  It is almost too much.

My husband is still out of work but, has been getting some job leads and applying for jobs so there is hope at least until the possible reject letter from hades comes in the mail. If people even do that anymore.  It has been too long since I was in the job market.

Our daughter and the rest of us are finally over the ick we got somewhere along the way. So that is one good thing and our cats are feeling better as well.  We somehow managed to pass it on to them. Poor kitties.

Now it is just a matter of playing catchup for me it is with email and other things along with posting to this site.  For my daughter it is getting school work caught up and my husband getting jobs searched for, research about the company and applying for the ones of interest and a “good or decent” fit.


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