More simplifying

10 Sep

Today I finally let go the changing pads/bed pads that we had been using on our bed for a long while.  Since we moved and I know that can upset a childs rhythm and they might pee the bed even though they have been potty trained for awhile.  So today I took those along with a large purse that i have not used in several years it was time to say good bye permanently to these items.  They all went to goodwill and I feel so much better for it.  

I also got rid of a few of the many papers that my daughter brings home from school to the recycle bin.  Again it feels good to get rid of the clutter.  

Today my dad left for home and I will miss him.  I always do but, then I start to think that summer is right around the corner (even if fall and winter are not yet upon us) and I will see him again soon.  

My rabbit Noel has been eating like crazy.  It seems as though I am not giving her enough food to hold her for the evening or even day until I give her just a bit more food in the evening.  I really am trying to not over feed her and make her fat but, at the same time I am hoping that something is not too seriously wrong with her.  She is not pregnant so it is not like she is eating for 2 or more.  Not sure what to make of it.  If anyone owns a rabbit and can give me a few ideas about what might be going on I would appreciate it.  Of course it might be a thyroid issue as well. 


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