9 Sep

Wahooo!  My dad has been in town for the past few days.  It has been great to see him.  We introduced him to the board game Pandemic it is a great cooperative game where you get to destroy and save the world at the same time.  It is a lot of fun.  My daughter played checkers with my dad and she lost but, that was ok.  We also introduced him to Zombie Dice an Chupacabra another dice game both were a lot of fun to play and are good fast games to play.  

Sunday we all just relaxed, talked, and just hung out.  My daughter got to spend more time with my dad so always a good thing.  

Today she is back in school so this evening and after school we plan to head on over to visit one last time before he leaves on Tuesday.    

I got a lot of sleep this weekend despite having that annoying cough that seems to come with my sinus infection.  I have been using my husband Neti Pot (a life saver) it has been helping me to feel a lot better by getting rid of the drainage and ick that I seem to have.  I highly recommend a Neti pot for colds, sinus infections and just to clean out the mucus in your sinuses.  

In an effort to simplify my makeup routine although admittedly I do not use quite so many products as the average woman does,  My makeup routine consists of eye cream, facial moisturizer, eye shadow and maybe some mascara.  I plan on getting rid of the eye shadow in favor of eye pencils instead for a bit of color but, not a whole lot.  I found some great and reasonably priced eye liners for about $3-4 a piece and plus vegan.  Not too bad.  Plus it will take up a lot less room especially when you travel.  I found one that is a flesh tone and another one in my favorite color of purple that will be the only two I will wear and use.  


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