4 Sep

Well our weekend was going pretty ok we all either got sick or have the worst sinus infection.  It was not fun.  I have been struggling with it.  I hate being sick.  It is getting better I can breathe and it is a bit more annoying.  

On the bright side we also got to get together with some friends and see a movie together How to Train Your Dragon 2.  It was/is a really cute and good movie.  I had promised our daughter that we would all go before school started.  It did not happen unfortunately for a few reasons.  So to make it up to her we decided to go during the long weekend and with her best friend who she has not seen  since August.  It was great to see everyone.  Our friends are expecting their 3rd child.  Not sure if it will be a boy or girl. It will be a surprise for them.  I am in the process now of making a baby blanket. for them using a few fall colors since the kiddo is due sometime in October.  So the blanket will have yellow, orange, and black.   I went a little Halloween theme.  .

The few surprises we have had is that my husbands contract where he was working is now up with no forewarning.  Not even a week.  It would have been nice to have a bit more notice even a week or a least a few days.  So now my husband is doing his best to find another job.  

The other surprise is that our water main broke outside last night so we are now on a boil water advisory.  Boy has it been a pain you never know how much you rely on water flowing through your taps until you actually have to boil and then wait it seems forever for it to cool down enough to actually use.  It really sucks especially when you want to give fresh water to your pets (cause they really need it), do dishes, cook, brush your teeth, wash your face.  It really has been a drag.  I hope we get the all clear sooner rather than later.  

Our three bad things are now over so now we get to have a run of better luck at least I hope.  

I also got a bit better understanding about my mother in laws behavior when she said the really harsh things to me is mainly because of her lupis, not getting enough sleep,and working too many hours 60+ usually.  It makes more sense but, it still doesn’t excuse.  It just helps to understand where she was at the time or at least the frame of mind a bit more.  


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