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25 Sep

Today I finally in the process of simplifying my life I got rid of my exercise ball that I was going to use as a birthing ball but, it never happened.  I have been hanging on to it for over 5 years and today I finally let it go after all this time.  I had been trying to sell it and when that failed I decided to hang on to it not sure why but, I did and now it was time to let it go.  I even got rid of a few of my daughters things as well (she never wants to let go of most things) so it was time to let go of a few things she was no longer playing with and will hopefully not miss.   With school in session her time is short to play with most of the things she has unfortunately.


23 Sep

Well this weekend we spent a day with a friend of ours and her daughter in a little town not too far from us.  We hit the festival, let our girl play on the playground with other kids, and went to a local book store that was just delightful.   In this bookstore I found a great book titled Marshmellow you will probably find it in the kids section but, it was written down that “no home is complete with out a bunny.”  The illustrations are really great as well and the story is very heart warming.  It normally retails for about $7 I got it for a bit less but, in my honest opinion it is worth more.  The bunny reminds me of my own sweet Noel and I agree with the authors assessment that no home is indeed complete with out a bunny.

I also got one step closer to getting rid of the house warming present from hell.  My in laws finally agreed to donate the vehicle that is basically junk.  Yes, I feel bad about donating a worthless vehicle to a non profit organization but, I still want the darn thing gone and out of my life.  I hope it will be gone soon.  Everything is set except we just have to find the title which,  I do not have.

My husband got the paperwork done and completed to extend the contract on his old/current job.  He will be going back to work tomorrow after having about 3 weeks off. It was not a problem really him having this time off ok maybe except for him driving me crazy lol.


18 Sep

I have decided that my daughter will be a great actress especially in any and almost all female roles for Shakesperian tragedies. We seem to go through a lot of drama each morning so far with getting our daughter ready for school.  It is almost too much.

My husband is still out of work but, has been getting some job leads and applying for jobs so there is hope at least until the possible reject letter from hades comes in the mail. If people even do that anymore.  It has been too long since I was in the job market.

Our daughter and the rest of us are finally over the ick we got somewhere along the way. So that is one good thing and our cats are feeling better as well.  We somehow managed to pass it on to them. Poor kitties.

Now it is just a matter of playing catchup for me it is with email and other things along with posting to this site.  For my daughter it is getting school work caught up and my husband getting jobs searched for, research about the company and applying for the ones of interest and a “good or decent” fit.

More simplifying

10 Sep

Today I finally let go the changing pads/bed pads that we had been using on our bed for a long while.  Since we moved and I know that can upset a childs rhythm and they might pee the bed even though they have been potty trained for awhile.  So today I took those along with a large purse that i have not used in several years it was time to say good bye permanently to these items.  They all went to goodwill and I feel so much better for it.  

I also got rid of a few of the many papers that my daughter brings home from school to the recycle bin.  Again it feels good to get rid of the clutter.  

Today my dad left for home and I will miss him.  I always do but, then I start to think that summer is right around the corner (even if fall and winter are not yet upon us) and I will see him again soon.  

My rabbit Noel has been eating like crazy.  It seems as though I am not giving her enough food to hold her for the evening or even day until I give her just a bit more food in the evening.  I really am trying to not over feed her and make her fat but, at the same time I am hoping that something is not too seriously wrong with her.  She is not pregnant so it is not like she is eating for 2 or more.  Not sure what to make of it.  If anyone owns a rabbit and can give me a few ideas about what might be going on I would appreciate it.  Of course it might be a thyroid issue as well. 


9 Sep

Wahooo!  My dad has been in town for the past few days.  It has been great to see him.  We introduced him to the board game Pandemic it is a great cooperative game where you get to destroy and save the world at the same time.  It is a lot of fun.  My daughter played checkers with my dad and she lost but, that was ok.  We also introduced him to Zombie Dice an Chupacabra another dice game both were a lot of fun to play and are good fast games to play.  

Sunday we all just relaxed, talked, and just hung out.  My daughter got to spend more time with my dad so always a good thing.  

Today she is back in school so this evening and after school we plan to head on over to visit one last time before he leaves on Tuesday.    

I got a lot of sleep this weekend despite having that annoying cough that seems to come with my sinus infection.  I have been using my husband Neti Pot (a life saver) it has been helping me to feel a lot better by getting rid of the drainage and ick that I seem to have.  I highly recommend a Neti pot for colds, sinus infections and just to clean out the mucus in your sinuses.  

In an effort to simplify my makeup routine although admittedly I do not use quite so many products as the average woman does,  My makeup routine consists of eye cream, facial moisturizer, eye shadow and maybe some mascara.  I plan on getting rid of the eye shadow in favor of eye pencils instead for a bit of color but, not a whole lot.  I found some great and reasonably priced eye liners for about $3-4 a piece and plus vegan.  Not too bad.  Plus it will take up a lot less room especially when you travel.  I found one that is a flesh tone and another one in my favorite color of purple that will be the only two I will wear and use.  


4 Sep

Well our weekend was going pretty ok we all either got sick or have the worst sinus infection.  It was not fun.  I have been struggling with it.  I hate being sick.  It is getting better I can breathe and it is a bit more annoying.  

On the bright side we also got to get together with some friends and see a movie together How to Train Your Dragon 2.  It was/is a really cute and good movie.  I had promised our daughter that we would all go before school started.  It did not happen unfortunately for a few reasons.  So to make it up to her we decided to go during the long weekend and with her best friend who she has not seen  since August.  It was great to see everyone.  Our friends are expecting their 3rd child.  Not sure if it will be a boy or girl. It will be a surprise for them.  I am in the process now of making a baby blanket. for them using a few fall colors since the kiddo is due sometime in October.  So the blanket will have yellow, orange, and black.   I went a little Halloween theme.  .

The few surprises we have had is that my husbands contract where he was working is now up with no forewarning.  Not even a week.  It would have been nice to have a bit more notice even a week or a least a few days.  So now my husband is doing his best to find another job.  

The other surprise is that our water main broke outside last night so we are now on a boil water advisory.  Boy has it been a pain you never know how much you rely on water flowing through your taps until you actually have to boil and then wait it seems forever for it to cool down enough to actually use.  It really sucks especially when you want to give fresh water to your pets (cause they really need it), do dishes, cook, brush your teeth, wash your face.  It really has been a drag.  I hope we get the all clear sooner rather than later.  

Our three bad things are now over so now we get to have a run of better luck at least I hope.  

I also got a bit better understanding about my mother in laws behavior when she said the really harsh things to me is mainly because of her lupis, not getting enough sleep,and working too many hours 60+ usually.  It makes more sense but, it still doesn’t excuse.  It just helps to understand where she was at the time or at least the frame of mind a bit more.