Weekend and better

27 Aug

This past weekend my husband got a small taste of what all I had been going through with our daughter.  Whew!  

We also talked and aired out the dirty laundry.  Ever since then things are sooo much better.  We are more open  with each other and most importantly we are talking.  I told him EVERYTHING that I was feeling Wednesday aka the hell day and thinking and what all happened.  There was no judgement, no yelling, no condemnations, nothing.  We are now on the same page so to speak..  We understand each other better now and he now understand what all is going on in our lives.  


I admit I jumped to a bit of a conclusion with my husband thinking i had no support but, it turns out I really do.  

 I did take a bit of my mother in laws advise and am giving our daughter an apparently much needed break once she gets home from school.  

I also understand where all some of her judgement came from and am not as mad as I was with her.  My husband is another matter.  Ah well, she inserted leg in mouth and really made him mad.  He has yet to confront her with what she said.  

 Today I went for a lovely massage.   I was wanting to have one once we got settled but, with my injury which is finally feeling better and i am convinced that the massage helped.  It feels a bit better.  


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