Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

21 Aug

Last week was really difficult mainly because we are all getting used to a  new sleep and wake schedule.  

My daughter was more Mr. Hyde when I would have dealt much better with Dr. Jekyll.  This week it was explained why she was like this.  It turns out she was catching a cold.  She had a slight sore throat and a bit of the sniffles.  I thought it was no big deal and assumed it was allergies.  The poor kid went to visit her grand parents at their farm for the weekend and came back looking miserable and she had a fever.  So she missed Monday school and had a bit of homework to deal with yesterday.  I sent a note with her to excuse her due to illness.  with a copy for her teacher and one for the office.  The one to the teacher may not be necessary but, as I have learned very well as a former paralegal it is to CYA or cover your ass and have learned that one the hard way.  

This week it is better but, still rough. The up side is at least my husband has not yelled at me. The daughter is still being rude and loosing it when I tell her not right now or no to something then the drama ensues.  UGH!  I really just cant take much more of this.  Yes I know she is sick and perhaps sick of being sick and feeling lousy and I do have sympathy but, on the other hand it is not ok for her to be rude to me and go completely insane when I tell her not right now or maybe later or even no. Not sure how to handle this.  Yesterday I completely lost it and screamed (not very productive or ok for me to do that ) and yelled at her for about 5 min. straight. I felt like the worst mom EVER!  I even had to call a friend long distance to tell her what was going on and she helped me feel better and told me I am not the worst mom.  


When her dad comes home he is THE BEST and she listens to him and is hardly rude or difficult with him it just seems to be me. It is sooo fun.  Not.    


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