14 Aug

Yesterday my daughter started her first day of school.  It has been quiet almost too quiet.  I am almost not sure how to handle this next phase in my life.   I have gone from being the sole care giver/teacher of my child to now giving up the reins to a stranger.  It is strange.  I am still trying to figure out how to handle it.  I did not cry her first day of school.  I admit I came close but, have not cried yet. I probably will sometime soon.  


I am relishing the time to do what I want without any interruptions or having to “drag” my poor daughter on any errands that I have to do and want to do without her presence. 

Monday was a very bad start to the day.  My husband got mad at me because I woke up early and did not attempt to wake him or my daughter.  They are for the record hard to wake up without the use of banging pots and pans over their heads or in the same room.  He decided to do this before I even had a chance to get my first cup of coffee in me.   To say that words were spoken that were not kind would be an understatement.  Everything is fine now.  

Tuesday my daughter decided to say that I was faking my injury to my foot.  To say that I was more than mad about this statement is well an understatement.  I was almost glad that she would be starting school the next day. 


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