Weekend and other news

5 Aug

I have been doing my best to reconnect with friends that I left behind since my move.  It has been hard to keep in touch even with email.  So I have been calling them one a weekend.  Just to chat, say hi and hopefully catchup.  I talked with a friend who let me know that via email she has been having difficulties walking and has gained a lot of weight because she can not be as active as she once was.  Does anyone have any suggestions that I can pass on to her?  I did suggest biking, walking or yoga.  I know she needs to be active to take the weight off so that way her joints can recover a bit hopefully.  

The hubby and I went on our first date since before the move.  It has been hard to get back into having a date night.  We went out to dinner and a movie and I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  I really liked Groot and Rocky.  They were my favorite characters.  It is a good movie.  

This weekend we got rid of more trash and ick from the basement.  We got rid of moldy goodness from the basement.  I got rid of more junk and stuff from the garage mainly in the form of old stained carpeting.  Whew will I be glad when the only thing we put to the curb is our garbage canI.  I will feel so much better.

 That is all that is new for now.  Please post comments on exercise suggestions for my friend.  Thanks.  


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