1 Aug

Well Monday I did a crazy thing.  My Achilles tendon was already pi**ed off and upset with me for not taking the rest that I needed.  I totally wretched it when I caught my foot on the lower step to the basement and tried to do a face plant with laundry in my arms.  It was not as bad as when I broke my finger I only was nausous and cried.  I did not cuss.  So it was a bit of progress.  


I have been doing a lot of R & R which has just about killed me.  I am not used to doing nothing.  I also used RICE or Rest Ice Compression and Elevation.  Along with crutches (I have discovered I absolutely hate them) because they are very hard to prop up somewhere.  Just when you think you have them propped up and are not going to move BAM they have crashed to the floor, knocked the plant off the counter and shattered the pot.  These all happened at the worst possible time.  

Today it is much better I can now hobble around again on it.  I have decided to ditch the crutches today just to see how I do.  I have also been using a lot of frozen veggies and an ace wrap for it.  

Unpacking has been put on hold for now. Hope to get back to it soon as well as getting rid of the clutter both my own and what has been left for me to deal with.  



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