Clutter, clutter everywhere

29 Jul

Today was trash day and I have slowly been getting rid of the stuff and unnecessary items that have been in the garage, the cabinet with the drawers that I thought would work great as a place to put our movies but, kept falling apart, the bags of trash that have been stored in the garage to be “saved” for a good bon fire or just for sh**s and giggles.  Plus now I get to get rid of the old carpet that I have no desire to use in the house. 

Now there are two more trash bags (covered in spider webs and I didnt feel like dealing with spider bites) and old carpet to get rid of next time.  Then there at least I hope be no more stuff to get rid of except our trash.  I hope.  

I have also been going through my stuff that I have not looked at in years and decided to recycle most of the papers I was hanging on to for who knows why.  

I did get one used/new book at the bookstore today called zero waste household in the attempt to cut down our trash and not need to put the bin out every week.  It is much better than the yoga book that I was contemplating getting but it was more in the shape of a “coffee table” book and with no coffee table to put it on and it just being an odd shape (might not fit in a box to readily) I decided against it.  

I finished today/yesterday The Big Tiny by Dee Williams.  It made me laugh and cry.  It was a good book and if you are thinking of building your own house, garage, or tiny house please read this book because if she can do it with her health issues then anyone can.  

I also learned that I have dancers tendonitis.  Basically my achilles tendon is inflamed and it needs a lot of R&R along with ice and heat.  So after I unpack a few boxes and have most of the mundane stuff taken care of I sit with my foot propped up on a pillow with some frozen veggies under the heel area of my foot.  It helps it feel better.  I still hobble around most of the time.  It feels better if I keep moving.  I cant sit too long, stand too long, or just sleep too long because other wise it stiffens up a lot and I once again start to hobble.  It could be worse I could have broken my foot or something else.  This explains why my lower back, knee, and basically feel lousy from my heel to my low back everything in between hurts. I hope with the R&R plus the cold during the day and the tiger balm at night it will start to feel much better before the snow hits.  I do not want to be hobbling in the snow and ice.  


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