Yoga is the cure

24 Jul

I did yoga today and my foot actually feels  much better.   AAaaaahhhh what a relief.  Not saying that yoga will cure all that ails you but, it sure has helped me so far.  


We also might have cured the problem with our basement.  It rained today and so far no new water in our basement.  Whew what a relief.  This past weekend we got a new downspout for the gutter and then yesterday my husband went around and caulked all the holes that where on the outside of the house before the rain hit today.

Now that I finally found my box with my cookbooks I am trying to get my daughter to find something she will want to eat for lunch before school starts so we can try a few things.  My daughter found one to try out of the Vegan Lunch Box cookbook I ordered from Amazon.  


Still slowly unpacking but, it is getting easier.  

I gave my daughter a chore for her to do. She will earn $1 a week for sweeping her room and will have to put aside 10% for charity and another 10% for spending. The rest or 80% she will save for something she wants to buy with the money she earns.   I hope that this will teach her to be wiser with money instead of relying on plastic or living paycheck to paycheck.  



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