22 Jul

This weekend was very busy.  We spent the time getting some things little things fixed for the house.  We have also spent some time sniping at each other.  It has not been fun.  I have gotten sick of my husband yelling and being upset with me for little things that I do or not do.  It has gotten old and this weekend came to a head.  I let him know that I was getting tired of it.  It helped so far.  

I have also been in excruciating pain. My heel on my right foot has been hurting all the way up to my bum.  It was so bad Friday night I cried and was miserable.  It has been hurting off and on for weeks now.  It was just bad enough for me to finally cry uncle.  It was so bad that my husband asked if there was anything he could do and I told him a sharp knife and a tourniquet.  Yes it was that bad that I was really wanting to just end the pain the only way I “knew” how to.  


I was also public enemy number one with my cats because they went to the VET aahaaaaahhhhhh.  They got their shots, new collars, and we  defleaed them.  I did try and help to bribe and/or keep them happy by giving them treats so I really hope that helped a bit. 


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