18 Jul

The kitchen is finally unpacked.  The reason it took so long was the fact that I needed to get more contact paper.  I got some more today and now it is unpacked and I have most of a counter top free of clutter and It WILL stay that way “as God is my witness” (Scarlett O’Hara Gone with the Wind)  had to throw that in.  It feels good to have at least one room free of boxes and stuff in boxes.  

I also boosted up my very sad IRA account which is a good feeling.   Knowing that I added more $ and this is money I can use later much later plus it is yet another account I cant touch the funds in (well I could with heavy penalties).  

 I am doing about 3 to 4 boxes a day and that is all I plan to do yes it is slow going but, since Rome was not built in a day and I did not pack all of our stuff in a day it will just have to do.  

I took my daughter to a new for me park and she has been to it before.  It is the only one at our new location.  She had a lot of fun and even met a possible friend when she starts school who might also go to the same school.  


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