Product review

17 Jul

Well after being in our new house for over a week we finally got the Bidet installed.  I absolutely love it and really wish we had done this sooner!   It does save on TP and I just feel cleaner.  Really wish US toilets would come standard with a bidet.  Ah well.  

In other news my cats are now finally eating their food.  Sin has finally started to eat next to Bri and so life is almost normal.   Today I got the delightful surprise as I was about to sit down to my breakfast and coffee my cat decided to puke in the chair I normally sit in.  So fun.  I did get them both scheduled to see the vet this weekend for shots and possible flea dipping.  I am not thrilled with this possible plan and will ask how toxic it will be for both them and us.  I would much rather go with a collar or something a bit less toxic for them.  I saw a herbal flea collar and might go with that instead.  

Thursday I plan on going to the bank and putting money into my very sad 401K retirement fund.  I have not been putting money into it like I should be doing.  Gotta get it boosted up as well.  



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