Frustration and unpacking

16 Jul

We finally got ALL of our stuff aka junk out of the old place, got it all cleaned up all while dealing for me with the joys of having a phone that I could call people on but, they could not hear me (Verizon commercial anyone) I was reliving it but, not getting paid for it or my phone would drop my call saying signal was lost or faded. It was very frustrating especially after my mom read me the riot act on not picking up the phone when she called. So I had to get a new phone and went with a Samsung S111 the first Iphone I have ever had. I also got the external battery pack for those times I am in the airport and my phone needs to be charged but, no where to plug it in. I also got a head set so that way I can answer my phone while driving yet another way for me to appease my mom.

Now for the fun task of unpacking our stuff aka junk so the first thing I unpacked with my mom’s and daughter’s help was the kitchen and then my mom had to tell me oh so kindly (not) that we have a lot of stuff and I tried politely to remind her how much she had when she moved last and she told me “Well most of that was furniture”. To me stuff is still stuff.

I have also been dealing with the fun and joys of living in a place that has at least in my opinion never or rarely been cleaned. I have steam cleaned the kitchen floor 8xs so far and will do it again tomorrow so that way I feel it is finally clean enough to walk on let alone be “safe” enough to possibly eat food off of.

My cats have been sick not sure if it is from the flea bombs that were set off before we moved in or just the stress of the move.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just want to cry and scream.

I have been so tired and have worked myself almost to exhaustion just trying to get so much done. Now I am finally feeling almost like myself again and can almost function without trying to remember where my head is or what my name is.

I have learned a few things with this move that 1. we still have too much stuff to deal with and 2. Caffine is your friend when it is almost the only thing keeping you awake even though you feel you should not be this tired and your body aches and you have bruises from who knows where.


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