4 Jul

I took a break from packing and decided to be somewhat irresponsible and take my daughter to a park to play since we will be moving to a new town and I know nothing of the parks close by or ones with playground equipment so we will have to explore once we get settled.  We also went out to lunch together and that was really nice.  I started the day off by getting up late again oops.  Could have sworn I turned on my alarm clock.  The only “responsible” thing I have done is with the holiday coming up is get more boxes….realistically we probably now have too many or more than we need but, I would rather be safe than sorry.  Plus I got more coffee as well to help me with just feeling a bit more normal and awake.  Usually I have my cat(s) who are my back up alarm clocks but, I guess they decided to sleep in as well.  

Plus I figured that tomorrow I would be packing maybe not the whole day but, a bit of it and I might as well take a day off from the endless packing.  It has not helped that I am reading an ebook that I borrowed for free being a prime member has its advantages about a woman married and feeling stuck and forgetting how to live.  She has been more the wear sensible clothes, shoes, gone to PTA meetings, gone to the bulk store to get huge quantities of tissue paper, ketchup etc. She decides to take a month off and really live in Canada after running out of her favorite bubble bath.   Its a bit quirky but, a fun short read.  


I also got a call from our landlord who wants people to come by July 4th while we are in the mad dash to finish up packing before the movers come.  Who really wants to waste their holiday wanting to move into a place that NEEDS SERIOUS work on it?  Ah, well guess they will just have to deal with my frantic self and get over my stressing or go home.  I really hope they do not expect us to leave or ask my opinion of the place we have lived at for a little over 5 years.   They really do not want me to go there.  


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