USA, funky bug and other news

3 Jul

I watched the US game vs. Belgium and yes we lost but, at least we scored a point instead of being slaughtered on the field.  Tim Howard if you ever read this since you have done one h**l of a good job defending the goal and stopping various teams from scoring against the US please comment and send me your email for the only purpose to send you a case or two of your favorite beverage.  Honestly.  Plus I really think you should be our Defense Secretary.  

The other thing I want to share is that the 4th of July a holiday for the US is coming up and just a reminder to have veggie dogs, veggie burgers, or even kabobs of your favorite veggies are just a few kinder options while most people barbecue this holiday.  Also please provide a place for companion animals or even just stay inside while fireworks are going off in your area.   I know that both my cats usually find someplace to hide and my rabbit really hates the noise even though she is inside.  

If anyone knows what type of bug this is please let me know I just thought it was very interesting.  


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