Product Review

1 Jul

I recently ordered VeganCuts Fashion box.  I am not a fashionista but, I do love a good deal when I see one.  Somehow who ever packed my box of random offerings they knew exactly what I wanted or at least what I was hoping for.  It comes with a head band that you can use for other things, 2 bracelets, a pair of earings, coupons, a nail polish and last but, not least a very cool wallet.  My daughter came home today after visiting the grandparents and said I looked fancy and all I was wearing besides my normal clothes was the headband and the bracelets.  I got the flying pig print for the headband Squeeee!  and what could be purple was purple the nail polish and the nail polish so awesome.  Unfortunately these went fast so no more and I am sad but, the products are all vegan, made locally in the US or are fair trade.  So it really is a feel good box with some great stuff.  Since they no longer have these and if you are interested I might be so kind to give away the wallet the only caveat is that you post a comment and tell me you love purple too.  Course it does help if you do love purple.  

This weekend besides not packing (I figured that since I have done most of the packing it was break time for me while my husband does the rest) yup I might be considered cruel for this but, nah.  I did go see Moms Night Out if you are a mom this is a great movie for you to see no matter what time it might be showing.  I can totally see my daughter playing with the finger print machine.  It is funny and has some really touching moments that might help new moms or new moms to be to realize that there is no such thing as being perfect and good.  You have to be good enough for you.  The rest will fall into place maybe with a few disasters along the way but, hopefully not the life and limb kind.  

I did get rid of all the change we had been collecting to the tune of $63 or so.  Half went into my ubber savings account and the other half went to our daughters account.  I also did yet another Goodwill run.   Do not get me wrong there is still stuff we could stand to get rid of but, for now it will just have to be good enough until we actually get to the new place and can assess exactly what we want to keep and want we can stand to part with. 

With all this packing I really do understand the quote “The stuff you own really does end up owning you”.  I hope to change that soon or at least sometime in the next month or so.  I really am trying to keep what I love or is being used/useful.  Still not quite there yet but, it is a process and a journey and maybe will become a destination. I can only do my best. There are a few sites that might help you with this or at least help you get a better handle on the clutter that most of us still struggle with. and  Most people recommend starting small, some start big, some start with a box, a corner of a room.  The important thing is to just start and see what works best for you.  


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