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Clutter, clutter everywhere

29 Jul

Today was trash day and I have slowly been getting rid of the stuff and unnecessary items that have been in the garage, the cabinet with the drawers that I thought would work great as a place to put our movies but, kept falling apart, the bags of trash that have been stored in the garage to be “saved” for a good bon fire or just for sh**s and giggles.  Plus now I get to get rid of the old carpet that I have no desire to use in the house. 

Now there are two more trash bags (covered in spider webs and I didnt feel like dealing with spider bites) and old carpet to get rid of next time.  Then there at least I hope be no more stuff to get rid of except our trash.  I hope.  

I have also been going through my stuff that I have not looked at in years and decided to recycle most of the papers I was hanging on to for who knows why.  

I did get one used/new book at the bookstore today called zero waste household in the attempt to cut down our trash and not need to put the bin out every week.  It is much better than the yoga book that I was contemplating getting but it was more in the shape of a “coffee table” book and with no coffee table to put it on and it just being an odd shape (might not fit in a box to readily) I decided against it.  

I finished today/yesterday The Big Tiny by Dee Williams.  It made me laugh and cry.  It was a good book and if you are thinking of building your own house, garage, or tiny house please read this book because if she can do it with her health issues then anyone can.  

I also learned that I have dancers tendonitis.  Basically my achilles tendon is inflamed and it needs a lot of R&R along with ice and heat.  So after I unpack a few boxes and have most of the mundane stuff taken care of I sit with my foot propped up on a pillow with some frozen veggies under the heel area of my foot.  It helps it feel better.  I still hobble around most of the time.  It feels better if I keep moving.  I cant sit too long, stand too long, or just sleep too long because other wise it stiffens up a lot and I once again start to hobble.  It could be worse I could have broken my foot or something else.  This explains why my lower back, knee, and basically feel lousy from my heel to my low back everything in between hurts. I hope with the R&R plus the cold during the day and the tiger balm at night it will start to feel much better before the snow hits.  I do not want to be hobbling in the snow and ice.  

Yoga is the cure

24 Jul

I did yoga today and my foot actually feels  much better.   AAaaaahhhh what a relief.  Not saying that yoga will cure all that ails you but, it sure has helped me so far.  


We also might have cured the problem with our basement.  It rained today and so far no new water in our basement.  Whew what a relief.  This past weekend we got a new downspout for the gutter and then yesterday my husband went around and caulked all the holes that where on the outside of the house before the rain hit today.

Now that I finally found my box with my cookbooks I am trying to get my daughter to find something she will want to eat for lunch before school starts so we can try a few things.  My daughter found one to try out of the Vegan Lunch Box cookbook I ordered from Amazon.  


Still slowly unpacking but, it is getting easier.  

I gave my daughter a chore for her to do. She will earn $1 a week for sweeping her room and will have to put aside 10% for charity and another 10% for spending. The rest or 80% she will save for something she wants to buy with the money she earns.   I hope that this will teach her to be wiser with money instead of relying on plastic or living paycheck to paycheck.  



22 Jul

This weekend was very busy.  We spent the time getting some things little things fixed for the house.  We have also spent some time sniping at each other.  It has not been fun.  I have gotten sick of my husband yelling and being upset with me for little things that I do or not do.  It has gotten old and this weekend came to a head.  I let him know that I was getting tired of it.  It helped so far.  

I have also been in excruciating pain. My heel on my right foot has been hurting all the way up to my bum.  It was so bad Friday night I cried and was miserable.  It has been hurting off and on for weeks now.  It was just bad enough for me to finally cry uncle.  It was so bad that my husband asked if there was anything he could do and I told him a sharp knife and a tourniquet.  Yes it was that bad that I was really wanting to just end the pain the only way I “knew” how to.  


I was also public enemy number one with my cats because they went to the VET aahaaaaahhhhhh.  They got their shots, new collars, and we  defleaed them.  I did try and help to bribe and/or keep them happy by giving them treats so I really hope that helped a bit. 


18 Jul

The kitchen is finally unpacked.  The reason it took so long was the fact that I needed to get more contact paper.  I got some more today and now it is unpacked and I have most of a counter top free of clutter and It WILL stay that way “as God is my witness” (Scarlett O’Hara Gone with the Wind)  had to throw that in.  It feels good to have at least one room free of boxes and stuff in boxes.  

I also boosted up my very sad IRA account which is a good feeling.   Knowing that I added more $ and this is money I can use later much later plus it is yet another account I cant touch the funds in (well I could with heavy penalties).  

 I am doing about 3 to 4 boxes a day and that is all I plan to do yes it is slow going but, since Rome was not built in a day and I did not pack all of our stuff in a day it will just have to do.  

I took my daughter to a new for me park and she has been to it before.  It is the only one at our new location.  She had a lot of fun and even met a possible friend when she starts school who might also go to the same school.  

Product review

17 Jul

Well after being in our new house for over a week we finally got the Bidet installed.  I absolutely love it and really wish we had done this sooner!   It does save on TP and I just feel cleaner.  Really wish US toilets would come standard with a bidet.  Ah well.  

In other news my cats are now finally eating their food.  Sin has finally started to eat next to Bri and so life is almost normal.   Today I got the delightful surprise as I was about to sit down to my breakfast and coffee my cat decided to puke in the chair I normally sit in.  So fun.  I did get them both scheduled to see the vet this weekend for shots and possible flea dipping.  I am not thrilled with this possible plan and will ask how toxic it will be for both them and us.  I would much rather go with a collar or something a bit less toxic for them.  I saw a herbal flea collar and might go with that instead.  

Thursday I plan on going to the bank and putting money into my very sad 401K retirement fund.  I have not been putting money into it like I should be doing.  Gotta get it boosted up as well.  


Frustration and unpacking

16 Jul

We finally got ALL of our stuff aka junk out of the old place, got it all cleaned up all while dealing for me with the joys of having a phone that I could call people on but, they could not hear me (Verizon commercial anyone) I was reliving it but, not getting paid for it or my phone would drop my call saying signal was lost or faded. It was very frustrating especially after my mom read me the riot act on not picking up the phone when she called. So I had to get a new phone and went with a Samsung S111 the first Iphone I have ever had. I also got the external battery pack for those times I am in the airport and my phone needs to be charged but, no where to plug it in. I also got a head set so that way I can answer my phone while driving yet another way for me to appease my mom.

Now for the fun task of unpacking our stuff aka junk so the first thing I unpacked with my mom’s and daughter’s help was the kitchen and then my mom had to tell me oh so kindly (not) that we have a lot of stuff and I tried politely to remind her how much she had when she moved last and she told me “Well most of that was furniture”. To me stuff is still stuff.

I have also been dealing with the fun and joys of living in a place that has at least in my opinion never or rarely been cleaned. I have steam cleaned the kitchen floor 8xs so far and will do it again tomorrow so that way I feel it is finally clean enough to walk on let alone be “safe” enough to possibly eat food off of.

My cats have been sick not sure if it is from the flea bombs that were set off before we moved in or just the stress of the move.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just want to cry and scream.

I have been so tired and have worked myself almost to exhaustion just trying to get so much done. Now I am finally feeling almost like myself again and can almost function without trying to remember where my head is or what my name is.

I have learned a few things with this move that 1. we still have too much stuff to deal with and 2. Caffine is your friend when it is almost the only thing keeping you awake even though you feel you should not be this tired and your body aches and you have bruises from who knows where.


4 Jul

I took a break from packing and decided to be somewhat irresponsible and take my daughter to a park to play since we will be moving to a new town and I know nothing of the parks close by or ones with playground equipment so we will have to explore once we get settled.  We also went out to lunch together and that was really nice.  I started the day off by getting up late again oops.  Could have sworn I turned on my alarm clock.  The only “responsible” thing I have done is with the holiday coming up is get more boxes….realistically we probably now have too many or more than we need but, I would rather be safe than sorry.  Plus I got more coffee as well to help me with just feeling a bit more normal and awake.  Usually I have my cat(s) who are my back up alarm clocks but, I guess they decided to sleep in as well.  

Plus I figured that tomorrow I would be packing maybe not the whole day but, a bit of it and I might as well take a day off from the endless packing.  It has not helped that I am reading an ebook that I borrowed for free being a prime member has its advantages about a woman married and feeling stuck and forgetting how to live.  She has been more the wear sensible clothes, shoes, gone to PTA meetings, gone to the bulk store to get huge quantities of tissue paper, ketchup etc. She decides to take a month off and really live in Canada after running out of her favorite bubble bath.   Its a bit quirky but, a fun short read.  


I also got a call from our landlord who wants people to come by July 4th while we are in the mad dash to finish up packing before the movers come.  Who really wants to waste their holiday wanting to move into a place that NEEDS SERIOUS work on it?  Ah, well guess they will just have to deal with my frantic self and get over my stressing or go home.  I really hope they do not expect us to leave or ask my opinion of the place we have lived at for a little over 5 years.   They really do not want me to go there.  

USA, funky bug and other news

3 Jul

I watched the US game vs. Belgium and yes we lost but, at least we scored a point instead of being slaughtered on the field.  Tim Howard if you ever read this since you have done one h**l of a good job defending the goal and stopping various teams from scoring against the US please comment and send me your email for the only purpose to send you a case or two of your favorite beverage.  Honestly.  Plus I really think you should be our Defense Secretary.  

The other thing I want to share is that the 4th of July a holiday for the US is coming up and just a reminder to have veggie dogs, veggie burgers, or even kabobs of your favorite veggies are just a few kinder options while most people barbecue this holiday.  Also please provide a place for companion animals or even just stay inside while fireworks are going off in your area.   I know that both my cats usually find someplace to hide and my rabbit really hates the noise even though she is inside.  

If anyone knows what type of bug this is please let me know I just thought it was very interesting.  

Product Review

1 Jul

I recently ordered VeganCuts Fashion box.  I am not a fashionista but, I do love a good deal when I see one.  Somehow who ever packed my box of random offerings they knew exactly what I wanted or at least what I was hoping for.  It comes with a head band that you can use for other things, 2 bracelets, a pair of earings, coupons, a nail polish and last but, not least a very cool wallet.  My daughter came home today after visiting the grandparents and said I looked fancy and all I was wearing besides my normal clothes was the headband and the bracelets.  I got the flying pig print for the headband Squeeee!  and what could be purple was purple the nail polish and the nail polish so awesome.  Unfortunately these went fast so no more and I am sad but, the products are all vegan, made locally in the US or are fair trade.  So it really is a feel good box with some great stuff.  Since they no longer have these and if you are interested I might be so kind to give away the wallet the only caveat is that you post a comment and tell me you love purple too.  Course it does help if you do love purple.  

This weekend besides not packing (I figured that since I have done most of the packing it was break time for me while my husband does the rest) yup I might be considered cruel for this but, nah.  I did go see Moms Night Out if you are a mom this is a great movie for you to see no matter what time it might be showing.  I can totally see my daughter playing with the finger print machine.  It is funny and has some really touching moments that might help new moms or new moms to be to realize that there is no such thing as being perfect and good.  You have to be good enough for you.  The rest will fall into place maybe with a few disasters along the way but, hopefully not the life and limb kind.  

I did get rid of all the change we had been collecting to the tune of $63 or so.  Half went into my ubber savings account and the other half went to our daughters account.  I also did yet another Goodwill run.   Do not get me wrong there is still stuff we could stand to get rid of but, for now it will just have to be good enough until we actually get to the new place and can assess exactly what we want to keep and want we can stand to part with. 

With all this packing I really do understand the quote “The stuff you own really does end up owning you”.  I hope to change that soon or at least sometime in the next month or so.  I really am trying to keep what I love or is being used/useful.  Still not quite there yet but, it is a process and a journey and maybe will become a destination. I can only do my best. There are a few sites that might help you with this or at least help you get a better handle on the clutter that most of us still struggle with. and  Most people recommend starting small, some start big, some start with a box, a corner of a room.  The important thing is to just start and see what works best for you.