Into the home stretch

28 Jun

Whew the endless packing I have been doing I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Most of the “stuff” is stuff we all use like dishes, silverware etc.  Ok maybe not the alcohol for my 5 year old.  

My mom came over today and helped me pack and quite honestly I have done a lot but, she saved me from having to pack up more stuff so that was great.  No worries I did not sit on my **s and do nothing.  I repacked a box that was falling apart, I packed up two boxes of stuff including mostly my husbands and one of my daughters toys.  It was quite funny hearing my mom “complain” about how much stuff we have when I can guarantee you she still beats me by a landslide with stuff.  

Now I am mostly at the point of what to pack up next.  I do not want to do our last bit of clothes because I still do not know what all I want to leave out and pack in my backpack.  Plus I need to do laundry and take it from there.  Other stuff will have to wait until my hubby is around to say “No dont pack that.”  

On the upside the car is ok now.  The parking brake is fixed and my husband was a goof when it came to the A/C.  He forgot to push the a/c button silly man.  

This weekend will be more packing but, not as much.  Gotta light a fire under my husband and get him to pack up his stuff.  He also found our weather radio that I knew we had but, could never find when we really needed it. 

I have gotten rid of about a half ton of paper to recycling but, it is a relief to get rid of stuff I no longer need or want to carry around anymore.   

 Have a good/great weekend!  Try to relax that is what it is for unless you work weekends then whenever your day off is relax.  

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