Its coming together

26 Jun

I am slowly getting us all packed up.  I did 3 boxes yesterday and 4 today and I hope to get another one done today as well. Plus my sister in law finally got back to my husband saying that she is not quite out of our new house arrrrggggghhhhh this is so annoying she was supposed to be out 2 weeks ago and I still cant get any of our stuff moved in yet.  Plus it is sooooo nice of her to get back to me about if she is out of the house.  Very frustrating when people decide not to get back to you.  

The hubby is still at the grand total of 3 boxes  packed of his stuff never mind actually helping me with the rest of the place.  Arrrrrrgggghhh again.  

Still so tempted to put everything to the curb except for our clothes and mark free on the boxes  and see who takes what.  I might just do it if it didnt rain so much.  Every stinking day so far and no relief in sight.  I am so sick of the rain very not cool when you are trying to get moved. 

Plus my hubby took the car yesterday and now the A/C no longer works again.  

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