Under pressure

24 Jun

Wow I am feeling the pressure of needing to get packed up and moved out.  We are moving out July 5 and I am in full on panic mode.  Plus to add to all of this I have had to deal with getting my car registered and was stressing over that as well along with the car needing repairs.  Wanting to get my daughter a library card before we move, get most of her school supplies before the mad rush, and I still need to renew my license.  Stressing over how to move 2 humans, 2 cats, and a rabbit.  Stressing over whether or not my sister in law is actually out of our new house.  Ahhh the pressure is building!  Ok now I am done freaking out.  Got most of it taken care of the rest will have to sort itself out one way or the other. 

So how am I dealing with this besides bursting into tears for “no good reason”.  I am trying to remember to breathe and deal with things one at a time.  

The first order of business was take the car in ASAP for the repairs it needed.  New front brakes (it explains the odd and strange squeak we had been hearing but, could not identify for awhile live and learn), new rotors, new back brakes, serpentine belt replaced, A/C fixed and working (finally and with 90 plus degree heat never mind the humidity with it) a relief to be cool while in the car and driving around, got the brake fluid flushed out and was told it was pretty icky, and we also got the emergency brake fixed as well.  It cost over $700 but, well worth the expense and way cheaper than having car payment plus the added joy of repairs on top of it.  Now I am down to just the stress of moving and will tackle that for tomorrow.  It has been a busy day and it is almost over.  

This past weekend I got to put most of my stress, worry, and cares on hold for a few hours while I was pampered from head to foot at an Aveda salon and spa.  It was great and an even better belated birthday present from my husband with no clutter.  I got a facial, massage, pedicure and manicure along with lunch.  It was a great way to relax and take it easy while just getting pampered.  Every once in awhile you just need to be pampered.  Plus it was also great not being around harsh chemicals and products.  All of the products are cruelty free, use natural ingredients or organic, use wind power for producing the products, free trade, and use recycled plastic for their products too.  

I did place an Amazon order and ordered 4 things out of who knows how much is on my wish list.  I got two Vegan Lunch box books one with international recipes and the other with more “traditional” recipes to try out with my daughter for her lunches to school.  I did get a book for me called “Debt is Slavery” I really recommend this book if you are struggling with any debt from credit cards, to mortgage, etc.  I also got something for our new house as well a bidet.  It is something I have always wanted to try out and see if we actually like it and plus it might be kinder not having to use as much toilet paper.  It might help us to be “cleaner” and will be great to use if you have the runs.  I will let you know if we love it or hate it once we get moved in and get it installed.  It should be easy to install.  


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