Book and shedding

20 Jun

I have a book recommendation for both men and women although I must confess the book is geared toward women but, it is worth the read gentlemen.  The book is called “Younger Next Year”  I have not finished this yet but so far I am completely sold.  Please check it out from you library if you can and save yourself some hard earned cash.  If you have older parents and have seen how badly they are doing just walking let alone keeping up with you and you are absolutely scared sh**less then this is the book for you.  I have even started walking to prevent this from happening to me and will add weights to start at least once a week.  I normally do yoga 5 days a week but, will start doing it 6 days a week.  Plus walking most days as well along with one day of weights or maybe two.  That should be good. 

 Now to the shedding.  My poor Noel is shedding like a mad woman and I feel that I almost have enough fur to build my own miniature version of her.  Poor sweetheart.  It has got to be itchy and uncomfortable.  I have been brushing her everyday but, she will not let me get her belly.  I understand why but, still it stinks.   I was finally able to get her belly and then gave her a raisin for her being nice enough to let me get it.  Now maybe she wont be so itchy and uncomfortable.  

 A miracle happened yesterday my husband actually started to pack up his stuff.  WAHOOO!  I am so thrilled .  I am still doing the majority of the packing but, it is getting easier in deciding what to pack next.  

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