18 Jun

Well the US won 1 to 0 against Ghana. It was a great game to watch and I cheered like crazy.  Today I am not much interested in any of the world cup games  and am taking a break for today at least.  I need to check and see who is playing tomorrow.  I think Wednesday is going to be another day of yelling my head off.  

I am finally getting up at my “usual time” today was the first day and it has not been easy.  I am feeling rather tired.  

Today was errand day to the bank to deposit $$ into my accounts from my birthday.  I also ordered my husbands late Fathers Day gift of something useful aka underwear.  I know he will use them for sure.  I also ordered some more for me since I had to do laundry a bit sooner than I was planning to since I was official out of clean undies on my vacation.  I also dropped more stuff off at Goodwill.  

It is rather warm here upper 80’s low 90’s is the expected high and wow by 9:30 ish this morning it was already in the upper 70’s.  

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