weekend and World Cup Action

17 Jun

This past weekend was my birthday and I got to spend it with my family so fun.  For my birthday well I got a new hat it is called a Tilley a bit expensive but great hat, it is water resistant, will float in water, and has a secret compartment so you can stuff some extra $$ for emergencies or for traveling.   I also got from my husband a 3/4 day at the spa for myself it includes a 60 minute massage and facial, mani and pedicure, a catered lunch, and a cut and style.  I have to wait until next weekend to actually enjoy it because I needed the time to be set up so someone could watch my daughter aka my hubby.  We also ate out at our favorite restaurant Thai Orchid.  Yummy vegan and vegetarian food.  

We have been watching some of the World Cup on the computer because we do not have ESPN ah well so we watch it in Spanish.  So far Italy beat the snot out of England 2-0 and today Germany beat Portugal 4-0 so fun to watch and cheer for other countries besides the US without repercussions.  The US is playing Ghana today later so will be watching that.  

 Sunday was Fathers Day in certain countries.  My husband got a very nice card from both of us.  He will be getting a useful gift once I have more $$ in my account.  I must confess a bit broke due to vacation. I plan on giving my husband a new wallet it is something he needs but does not want to get for himself.  So that is what he will be getting probably one made out of cork.

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